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Vutter – Award winning vegan butter

Vutter is vegan butter!  It offers the same delicious butter experience, but without the negative environmental impact associated with dairy farming, its creators say “it’s the future for New Zealand as we need to expand food creation beyond dairy”.  Motivated to do something to move away from factory dairy farming they developed this product where the “ … goal is to provide Aotearoa with a butter alternative that is clean, delicious, better for you, our planet & animals”.

Vutter was developed by wife and husband team Aline Fonseca, who developed the product, and Patrick Malloch an architect and all round creative who sees clever ways to make things happen.  This award winning vegan butter is now widely available across New Zealand.   We are grateful to Aline and Patrick to be able to offer vutter at community dinners and to timebank members to purchase using time-credits.  View their website and the Facebook page

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