Join your local timebank

How to become a local timebank member

Currently there are two timebanks in Auckland which are taking on foundation members.  Please join the timebank which suits you best.  If these locations don’t suit you please join as an Auckland-wide member.  This could suit people who are based in another area or who might offer online services. 

  1. Central Auckland which operates out of Gribblehurst Hub in Sandringham and
  2. Māngere which operates out of Māngere East Family Services

Steps to join

If you are an individual or an informal group we require two character referees who we may get in touch with.  This helps ensure the safety of all involved.  Other Timebank members can be your referees. If you are joining as an organisation referees are not required.

STEP 1: Join your local timebank by completing the joining form below
The information you provide in this form will be kept private to your local timebank and Timebank Auckland.

STEP 2: Join Timebank Auckland
Once you have completed the joining form below you can join Timebank Auckland, where time-credits are stored and members participate in Auckland-wide activities and exchanges.

STEP 3: Attend an orientation
Once you have joined your local timebank we will email you an invitation to attend an orientation, but you may attend an orientation at any stage.  Orientations introduce you to other members and take you through a skills discovery session. Orientations can be online or in person.  You will earn 2 time-credits when you attend an orientation.

Calendar of events and orientations:

If you would like to attend an orientation and complete the joining form at the same time you can do this too. Remember to bring details of your referees!  During lockdown orientations are only available online. 

Timebank Auckland is the umbrella website where your time-credits and exchanges are recorded. When you join your local timebank you are automatically able to join Timebank Auckland.  Once you have completed the form below we will email you details about how to join Timebank Auckland and participate in your local timebank.

If you would like assistance with the joining process please contact your local coordinator >>