Timebank Māngere

About us

Timebank Māngere is a member-driven network where we connect, support and share skills, events and resources.  We are based out of ME Family Services and are connected to many local people, groups and schools.  During lockdown we offer online events which are open to all. 


Timebank Māngere background

Timebank Māngere started informally at ME Family Services in 2018, with Timetraders exchanging volunteer time for goods from the Recovery Room. ME Family Services was keen to expand this small exchange system to a larger timebank, where more people and local groups in Māngere could be involved. This project is underway with the support of Auckland Council to help the local community use time exchanges to get things done and build connections.

ME Family Services as been going for 25 years and supports people of Māngere in many different ways.

ME Family Services

Earn time-credits

Timebank members can earn time-credits by helping other members in the timebank. They can also earn time-credits by helping existing community groups. Below are groups where members can help and earn time-credits.

Help at ME Family Services

At ME Family Services you can help either in the community garden or recovery room.  ME Family Services has a community garden called Te Puna Oranga, where you can learn about gardening and composting while earning time-credits.

Help at the Tararata stream

This stream team meets regularly to plant trees, pick up rubbish and do anything that is needed to make it a lovely place to visit.

Spend time-credits

Members can spend time-credits on anything which is shared between members as well as items donated to the Timebank.

There is a resource recovery room at ME Family Services with items available for time-credits. Members also exchange directly with members.

Things grown and made by timebank members

Skills of timebank members

Regular events

Come and help in our community garden and earn time-credits.