Covid Statement

About the Timebank Auckland Covid Statement

Timebank Auckland is the umbrella organisation for a network of local Auckland timebanks which are required to follow the values of the Timebank Auckland network. The details of how these values are represented is also reflected by their own membership and could differ between local timebanks. How these values are followed is also determined by the community centres and venues each timebank engages with.

The intention of this statement is to clarify Timebank Auckland’s Covid policy, as well as make suggestions about how we can be respectful of those of different vaccination status, and create experiences, exchanges, or events which can work for all members.

Timebank Auckland (TBA) wants to create an inclusive network, offering opportunities for all members. The advent of Covid and the impact of vaccination status pose challenges in this regard, but TBA will endeavour to adapt its activities to achieve the inclusiveness it values.

There are a wide range of views and concerns about connecting with people we know and those we don’t know in these Covid times. Not being vaccinated may be a personal choice, or it could be for medical reasons. Either way Timebank Auckland aims to create an open, comfortable and safe environment for its members To meet the goal there will be some occasions when unvaccinated people are not able to attend a TBA event because of their vaccination status.

Government Traffic Light System

At all times when participating in Timebank Auckland activities we ask that members follow the traffic light/level guidelines which are currently in place: As these will change from time to time TBA will keep up-to-date with the terms of the current traffic light/level, and endeavour to keep members informed of requirements as they change.

Guidelines while participating respectfully in Timebank Auckland

Below are some ideas about how to create clarity and comfort around events, offers and requests, and interactions, while we continue to learn how to live with Covid, and move into the new traffic light system and beyond.

  • Be respectful of different views about vaccination status.
  • Ask people you are with if you may take off your mask in their company.
  • Be respectful of the personal space of others you are mixing with.
  • When making offers and requests be clear if you would like to exchange only with vaccinated members.
  • Respect any offers/requests that state that a particular vaccination status is required.
  • If running events or projects, be clear about if “all members are welcome” or if you would prefer “only vaccinated members”.
  • Some offers and requests don’t involve close contact, e.g. gardening, contactless delivery. Please take this into account when thinking about who you are happy to trade with.

Timebank Auckland Central Covid Statement

Gribblehirst Hub Policy

TBAC is based at Gribblehirst Hub (Ghub) in Sandringham, an Auckland Council-owned space. For this reason Ghub’s Covid policy must meet Auckland Council guidelines.

When TBAC members meet at Ghub we have to follow Ghub’s Covid policy, and need to keep up-to-date with changes in Ghub’s Covid policy as colours/levels change.

Ghub already has a Covid policy: which covers both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is currently formulating a Covid policy for ‘orange’ and ‘green’ under the traffic light system.

Please note that under current settings activities at Ghub are only open to those who are vaccinated.

TBAC Member Covid at Ghub: Main Points

Everytime you enter Ghub please remember to:

  • Scan in with the Government Covid App;
  • Register on the Ghub tablet; the tablet is used to collect demographic information about how the hub is being used as well as vaccine pass information.

Ghub will put up and change signs relating to Covid to reflect the changing requirements of the traffic light system and its own Covid policy. Please respect the signs: they are designed to keep everyone safe, and will cover requirements regarding vaccination status, spacing between people, mask wearing and the number of people inside the venue.

Masks inside the Hub under traffic light colours:

Red: Masks are mandatory. Only vaccinated people indoors and on the commons at the hub. Hub is limited to 25; The meeting table will allow up to eight people and the craft/cutting tables will allow up to 12 people.
Orange: masks are mandatory,
Green: policy in development.

Ways for all members to participate

While unvaccinated members are not able to attend events held at Ghub, it is still possible for them to participate in Timebank Auckland Central. To provide opportunities for all members Timebank Auckland Central will:

  • Host more online events and connect you with other timebank online events around the country.
  • Let a coordinator know your unvaccinated status and if you would like to connect with other unvaccinated members.