Auckland Central

About us

Timebank Auckland Central is a member-driven network where we connect and support our community while sharing skills, events and resources. We are based at Gribblehirst Hub in Sandringham and are connected to the local community.

GHub is a thriving, community-led space which provides, administers and develops use of the space in order to enable members of the Hub to lead and develop their own activities and events. Timebank Auckland Central currently uses GHub facilities for many of its activities.

Timebank Auckland Central is currently becoming more involved in GHub events and activities (e.g. repair cafe, swap session).

Timebank Auckland Central goals

The goal of Timebank Auckland Central is to build supportive networks in our community by facilitating the sharing of skills and resources using time-credits as the currency.


ME Family Services

Weekly Meet up

Every Tuesday we have an in-person catch up at Gribblehirst Hub. Each evening will have a different focus, such as:

  • Skills discovery session – where we consider different skills we may have and how we can share them within the timebank;
  • Planning for upcoming events – these events could be timebank or member lead initiatives;
  • How to help timebank community groups – consider ways timebank members can help timebank groups;
  • Members skills share – learning and having fun;
  • Shared dinners – a social evening meeting, greeting, sharing news, and talking ideas and exchanges.

During lockdown and under the traffic light system we offer some of our events online. These events are open to all.


All about lemons evening

On this evening a member shared different things to do with lemons and then we shared a lemon infused dinner.  

Earn and spend time-credits

Timebank members earn time-credits by helping other members in the Timebank. They can also earn time-credits by helping Gribblehirst initiatives and by working with existing community groups.  Members spend time-credits on anything which is offered by members as well as on items donated to the Timebank.


A nail and pampering gathering where we had foot massages and our nails painted.

Timebank Auckland Central Nail-and-pampering Gathering

More to come.