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Timebank Auckland is a network which encourages the exchange of skills, goods, knowledge and resources using time as the currency. It builds community while rewarding good things people do for each other, their community and the environment.


We build community through timebanking.

What is timebanking?



Timebanking happens when a group of people agree to exchange skills and resources for time-credits.  Time-credits are a kind of money.

When a person helps a another person for 1 hour they receive one time-credit and this is stored in the timebank.  Time-credits are spent on offerings in the timebank.

Time is precious.  Time is our currency. Timebanking values everyone’s time equally.

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About Timebank Auckland

Timebank Auckland supports local Auckland timebanks to get started, providing a platform to store time-credits and helping as little or as much as the local timebank would like.

You can join the Auckland-wide network or a local timebank as an individual, a group or an organisation.

Currently Timebank Auckland Central is the only active timebank in Auckland based at Gribblehirst Hub in Sandringham. Find out more >>

There are two other timebanks in their early stages and taking on new members one in Mangere and the other in the Waitakere Ranges.  You can join one of these and become involved when they are active in early 2023.  Join here >>


Benefits of Timebanking

Timebanks are community-run networks that enable people, groups, businesses and organisations to exchange their time, skills and resources. Timebanks have been shown to increase local resilience by building trusted connections within a community. This happens when people:

  • participate in their community and get a sense of belonging
  • learn about skills they have to offer
  • share and teach skills to others
  • participate in activities and gain confidence through being valued for the skills they have
  • exchange skills using time-credits.

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